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@ -25,10 +25,10 @@ As these two config items define your ActivityPub handle `@handle@domain`.
You can tweak your profile by tweaking these items:
- `name`
- `summary` (using Markdown)
- `icon_url`
- `image_url`
- `name`: The name shown with your profile.
- `summary`: The summary or 'bio' part of your profile, written in Markdown.
- `icon_url`: Your profile image or avatar.
- `image_url`: This provides a 'header' or 'banner' image. Note that it is not shown by the default templates. It will be used by Mastodon (which uses a 3:1 ratio image) and Pleroma. Pixelfed and Peertube, for example, don't show these images by default.
Whenever one of these config items is updated, an `Update` activity will be sent to all known servers to update your remote profile.